Week in the Life 2018. Thursday.

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Thursday words + photos…

IMG_0286 IMG_0288

1 & 2.  Teacher appreciation gifts.  Project Life cards make the best tags!  I’m loving these cute emojis Finn took the time to draw for each of the teachers.


3.  Off to school we go.  I’m loving having this recurring photo each day.

IMG_0292 IMG_0291

4 & 5.  Stopped by Costco after picking the kids up from school.  Lilly has a timeline of her life that is due tomorrow, so I had pictures printed for her to use.  We needed gas + groceries so we knocked it all out in one trip.

IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0295

6-8.  Sometimes when we go to Costco I let the kids each pick out a snack for home.  Today they were sampling organic green juice and Finn begged me to let him choose that for his snack.  I would have let him (because, ummm, hello!) but our cart was already loaded with everything we needed to make our own.  So we came home and made juice!

IMG_0296 IMG_0297

9 & 10.  He loved it.  But said it made his hears hurt, haha!  Didn’t stop him from sucking down his glass though!


11.  I am obsessed with blood oranges lately.  Have you tried them?!! They are so much better than regular oranges & they are a beautiful reddish pink color.  The kids request them in their lunches & I added some into our juice today.  So, so good.  Nature’s candy.


12.  Finished timeline of Lilly’s life.  She was so proud of this & is excited to have it displayed tomorrow during their author’s day.


13.  Love this light. It’s that time of year when it is still light out at bedtime.  Hard for the kids, but only two more weeks of school and then we move to later bedtimes & more time outdoors at night.



14.  Always with a book.  Tonight he is reading “I even funnier” by James Patterson, one of his favorite authors.


It’s 11:11 pm and I am completely worn out.  Today is usually a work-at-home day for me, so I’m feeling behind and my to-do list is so long.  With having to be at the kids’ school two different times tomorrow, it’ll be a different Friday that normal.  But I’m starting to wonder if there really is such a thing as  a “typical” week.  Even so, looking back through these pictures helps me to see & focus on the goodness that is there every day, instead of the things that are not.

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