Week in the Life 2018. Wednesday.

Wednesday words + photos…

IMG_0269 IMG_0268

1 & 2.  Yes, she woke up this adorable.  And this happy.  The minute she opens her eyes she starts talking about whatever exciting thing is going on at school or that we are doing after school that day.  Also, she doesn’t really like the movie Frozen, but she loves wearing this silky, twirly nightgown.


3.  My crafting table is cleaned, semi-organized and waiting for me.  Hopefully Friday, but realistically it’ll be more like Saturday.  I love having this little room off of my bedroom to use as my office & scrapbooking space.  I have always been blessed to have a space for this purpose & it is one of the things that I am hoping to find in our new home, as well.



4.  My bag for the day…calendar, Bubly Strawberry sparkling water, my big paper planner that I still love even though we have phones & computers that can keep track of our lives now.  I think I’ll always be a pen + paper girl when it comes to schedules, lists, and calendars.


5.  Day three on the way to school.

IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0277

6.  Work, work, work.  Usually I do dental hygiene three days a week, but this month I’m adding an extra day each week since we are short staffed.

IMG_0280 IMG_0281

7.  Picking up some teacher gifts while Lilly is at dance.  We usually use this time to run some quick errands,  grab take-out for dinner, or just walk around Scheels.   Love my time with my boy.

IMG_0222 IMG_0283

8.  Pickup from dance.  She oftentimes complains about going, but always loves her class & is excited when I pick her up.  She loves telling us about the new friends she met there.


9.  And because it is 91 degrees out, they got to pick out ice cream.  She chose Birthday Cake and he picked Red Velvet (no surprise there!).



I’m really excited to be keeping up with the photos, getting them edited and getting some words written here on the blog that I can then use in my journaling for my album.  This project means a lot to me so I decided from day one that I was making it a priority, just as much so as work & feeding my children.  It has been a much needed reminder to myself that making the time for the things I love can make such a huge difference in my day.

How is your WITL going?!!


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